Ikea in China, Strategic Management

Hi, All of the instructions are in the documents linked.

The only source that you have is the Case Study.

Do not hesitate to look at the resources page, it will help you.

For Part 1, do Porter of 5 force]

You have an example in the doc/Files

1.    Appropriate use of Strategic tools and techniques, as well as graphical presentation and bullet points is strongly encouraged.  This is a closed case study no information should be used from outside the case study. The essay should contain your analysis alone, and not be based on or refer to the analysis of others.

2.    Maximum 8 pages for the essay, word processed, single-sided A4 size paper using Arial type font, size 12 font and 1.5 line spacing. Each additional page submitted over the 8 limit will cause a -5 mark deduction.

3.    Please note that in this instance there is no executive summary, no introduction and no appendices. Also no bibliography because all the information comes solely from the closed case study. Graphics should be appropriately designed and placed within the essay.