Analysis Essay on the book Venus or The Lady Matadors Hotel. Thesis has to answer a why question.

For this final assignment you will conduct research and use it to support an analysis of one or more of the texts weve read since Sunset Boulevard.  You should research something that interested you in particular.  We talked about many different topics, but there was a lot that we werent able to cover in class, too.  Find a general area and begin to narrow.  Ask yourself the question why until you arrive at a deep analysis of your topic; then, begin to search for sources that address your issueeither the specific, narrowed focus youve arrived at or the more general issue you began with.  Use your deep analysis to construct an argument that could fit in, and add to, the discussion that already exists about your topic in the academic community (and possibly beyond).  Use the research you find to support your argument, both by utilizing source material that supports your claims and by citing and arguing against material that stands against your argument.  You want to clearly state your argument AND clearly acknowledge that there is (or could be) another side to your argument.  You want to explain to your reader why your argument is sound and logical and why the other side of the argument is not as substantial.  Your reading/analysis of the text and your sources should support your claim and prove that your thesis is believable, reasonable, and (in the end) better than any counterargument.  The close reading youve done for the first two essays and the additional research you conducted for your revision have helped you to build toward this assignment.  Now, you will use the skills youve been developing during the semester to think deeply about one of our final texts and come up with an argument that can be supported in an academic way.

You must do more research for this paper (in comparison to Essay #3).  You will need to have at least four total sourcesyour primary text does not count for one of these sources.  Of your four sources, at least two must be academic sources (although, of course, more of your sources can be academic sources).  Your primary text does not count as an academic source.